Algarve Property Valuation

Across the Algarve region we are happy to meet you, view your property and offer a no obligation free valuation on your villa, townhouse, apartment or land plot



Valuation on Property in the Algarve

When considering your Algarve property and making a decision whether to keep it, sell to upsize, sell to downsize or sell to redeem investment value one of the principal points to consider is the current valuation of the property. Clearly if the current market valuation is below your desired return, then the idea to sell may not be the correct path at this time, so it all begins with the Valuation. 

At Imobotilde we are proud to offer free consultation and market valuations on any properties in the Algarve, we offer our services without obligation and with impartiality. As a real estate broker, we benefit from seeing hundreds of listings weekly and can give a balanced opinion of the market values. 
There are online tools that can give you valuations, but these are primarily based on value per square metre in certain towns and concelhoes, they can’t factor in so many details specific to your property such as outlook, view, location, adaptability, land value for development, current buying and selling trends etc. The humans still prevail in this area, and we can’t be replaced just yet! ´

Valuing a property in the Algarve so that we can be able to give you a quotation is something we take seriously, it could be the “first date” in a relationship through sales and purchases for years to come, or it could be something that you wish just for curiosity, in all cases we approach with the same professionalism and dedication to task.

What do we consider when valuing your property?

We like to offer a balanced view base don several factors, we also like to give you a realistic valuation rather than promise things that are difficult to achieve. We understand that if you are listing your property for sale then you aren’t likely to want it on the market for years with hundreds of viewings and no results. 

  • Location – The region and town.
  • Location – Within the town, here we analyse the proximity to beaches, amenities, golf and other factors that can increase or decrease the standard valuation for the town.
  • Type of property and outlook, size, bedrooms, land plot, views, penthouse, south facing etc….
  • Value factors such as: swimming pool, air conditioning, heating, double glazing, parking, rentability, renovation needed or completed, condominium fees, land area, planning consent….etc
  •  Demand in the local area
  • Market research to compare with other properties that have sold recently or are on the market.
  • Overall market condition in Portugal and the outlook.

Once we have all the information needed from visiting your property we return to our home base, crunch the numbers, and will usually have a valuation for you within seven days. With the valuation you can then consider your next step and make a decision about listing the property for sale. 
When listing for sale with Imobotilde take advantage of our “one point of contact” concept that allows you to list with multiple agencies and be on many portals whilst only dealing with one dedicated point of contact.

To book your Free Algarve Property Valuation drop us a message here and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Dont forget our valuations cost you nothing and are without obligations. 

Tools to sell your Property

Tools to sell your Property
We are best placed to advise you but also support you in selling your property in the Algarve. The tools we offer can greatly improve the number of viewings.

Selling Property in the Algarve

Selling Property in the Algarve
If you are selling your house in the Algarve then we are here to give you a valuation and guide you through the process.


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