selling property in the Algarve

If you are selling your house in the Algarve then we are here to give you a valuation and guide you through the process.




Imobotilde Real Estate approach things with a unique perspective, we very much focus on the individual and in offering support at every stage of the buying and selling process. We aim very much to be your one point of contact for all needs related to buying or selling property in the Algarve or across Portugal. Think of us as your personal assisitant.


Imobotilde offer a free valuation of your property at a time that suits you. We will give you an overview of the current market in the Algarve and some ideas of the process of sale specific to your needs. We will explain the commission structure and any fees involved and offer advice should you be upsizing or downsizing.If you are selling to buy then we can manage all in one smooth process.

Once everything is clear and the listing is agreed, Imobotilde can arrange the details needed to list the property on websites and portals nationaly and internationally. The paperwork required to list the property includes the following documents: 


  1. Plans of the property, these should be the official ones.
  2. Energy Certificate - Certificado Energético 
  3. Land Certificate Registry Certidão de Teor/Permanente 
  4. Licença De Utilização or Declaration if prior to 07/08/1951 (Habitation Licence)
  5. Ficha Técnica for all properties built after 2004
  6. ID’s and Fiscal Numbers of Proprietors (passport or ID card and Portuguese Tax number)
  7. Company Certificate / Certidão comercial
  8. Tax card/Certificate - Caderneta Predial 

If you have any trouble locating or identifying these documents then dont hesitate to talk to us and we will be glad to help. Having this documentation protects all parties and is well worth the time to organise it. Bear in mind that if some documents are missing it can hold up the sale so its better to get it right from the start. 

One especially crucial point to remember is that Imobotilde are property brokers and rather than working alone we partner with hundreds of agencies and portals to give your property the biggest possible exposure whilst maintaining that “one point of contact” to avoid you being spammed by agencies across the region. 

In listing the property Imobotilde will: 

  • Complete a valuation and recommend the market price.
  • Ensure paperwork is in order, habitation licences, energy certificates and such. (Do not worry if anything is missing, they can help you to bring everything up to date)
  • Recommend sales support depending on the type of property. This can be anything from drone footage, photographer, 3d modelling or even physical renovation, repairs, and interior design. You may need none of the above but in all cases Imobotilde can provide.
  • Promote the property online through their own websites, partner agencies and portals that offer the biggest reach.
  • Prepare PDF presentations to mail clients information packs on your property.
  • Mailshot databases of clients actively looking for properties in the Algarve.
  • Advertise your property via social media channels and physical print media where most appropriate.
  • Once listed, Imobotilde will handle all incoming enquiries and pre-qualify potential buyers to schedule viewings in coordination with the property owners.

The selling process is quite simple and once again we are here to guide you through the process. 

Selling Your Property In The Algarve The Easy Way

It all starts with a simple contact, you can drop us a message online here and we can start with a chat about your expectations and go from there. There is no obligations when we talk and our advice will be very useful for sure. We will be happy to give a valuation of your property and give you a snapshot of the sales market in the Algarve at that time.



Tools to sell your Property

Tools to sell your Property
We are best placed to advise you but also support you in selling your property in the Algarve. The tools we offer can greatly improve the number of viewings.

Algarve Property Valuation

Algarve Property Valuation
Across the Algarve region we are happy to meet you, view your property and offer a no obligation free valuation on your villa, townhouse, apartment or land plot


Algarve Real Estate offers an attractive place to invest with as the market offers stability and growth in sales and rentals.