Villas and Apartments for sale in the Algarve

Through our partner agencies we can bring you a large selection of villa´s and apartments for sale in the Algarve. Central, Eastern and Western Algarve Property

Luxury Penthouse Apartment

Luxury Penthouse Apartment
Ref.: IIBVG Apartment in Armação de Pêra
3 750 000€
 3bed  4bathtub  241/415select_all

Vila-Sol Villa For Sale

Vila-Sol Villa For Sale
Ref.: 127i Villa in Quarteira
3 650 000€
 5bed  6bathtub  754/1640select_all

São Clemente Villa For Sale

São Clemente Villa For Sale
Ref.: 131i Villa in Loulé (São Clemente)
3 600 000€
 4bed  5bathtub  868/9849select_all

Vale do Lobo : Prestigious plot of land in Oceano Club

Vale do Lobo : Prestigious plot of land in Oceano Club
Ref.: T105 Plot in Almancil
2 850 000€
 bed  bathtub  400/920select_all

Vilamoura Golf Vila For Sale

Vilamoura Golf  Vila For Sale
Ref.: 150i Villa in Quarteira
2 700 000€
 5bed  5bathtub  530/2664select_all

Fonte Santa Villa For Sale

Fonte Santa Villa For Sale
Ref.: 2322i Villa in Quarteira
2 500 000€
 4bed  5bathtub  264/5000select_all

Almancil Villa For sale

Almancil Villa For sale
Ref.: 1946i Villa in Almancil
2 250 000€
 5bed  5bathtub  660/3090select_all


Ref.: V112 Villa in Almancil
2 150 000€
 4bed  5bathtub  520/2006select_all

Santa Barbara de Nexe Villa

 Santa Barbara de Nexe Villa
Ref.: or08 Villa in Santa Bárbara de Nexe
1 900 000€
 3bed  4bathtub  408/3880select_all

Property for sale in the Algarve

Villas and Apartments for sale in the Algarve region of south Portugal. Through our network of partner agencies we can bring thousands of properties to you.

Property Types In the Algarve

Villa, Apartments, Townhouses and more!
The Algarve is very Diverse for such a small region and can claim to offer something for all tastes in terms of atmosphere and lifestyle. 
People choose the Algarve as a location to invest in property for many varied reasons, clearly the climate, beaches and lifestyle being the primary reasons, but the Algarve is a hot item when it comes to investment opportunities also which draws in property buyers form across the globe. 

Which Property Type is Right for you? 

If new to Portugal, then you will find a cross section of property types each with advantages....

 Buying an Apartment in the Algarve

Apartments can range from small buildings with just a few separate units, street parking and no swimming pool through to large condominiums with many stories, private underground parking, pools, and leisure facilities. The spectrum is quite wide, and you can be looking at an older building in the centre of a town or something ultra-modern that has a sea view or indeed is a frontline golf property.

Apartments usually have a condominium fee to pay annually or bi-annually which covers the maintenance of the building, the grounds, swimming pools and communal areas. The fees vary greatly from condominium to condominium, and it is something that should be discussed when viewing apartments. 

Apartments are very popular rental options and as such can offer good investment opportunities, rental returns vary greatly depending on space, location facilities and demand but overall the Algarve has a steady demand for holiday rentals and indeed long-term rentals which can offer a nice steady return on investment. 

Apartments can often have their own dedicated parking areas, and some are even in “gated communities” offering superior levels of security. 

Apartments are very “turn-key” and easy to lock up and go without worries and need to think about maintaining grounds, swimming pool and such, this can be an advantage for some people as a holiday home with low maintenance. Many people buy apartments in the Algarve with a view to holidaying here in the winter to escape colder Northern European winters and renting out the apartment in the busy summer months which can compensate for the running and ownership costs of the apartment. 


Buying a Vila in the Algarve

In general terms a Vila in the Algarve would be detached or semi-detached and is loosely described as a house.  The scope for the definition Vila is again very broad and its good to filter properties as you are looking online and have an idea of what you need from a property. A typical detached Vila may have private parking, a garden and a pool, but not in all cases of course. 
Vilas offer more privacy than apartments with less, or even no, communal space. You can feel that the space is truly yours compared to apartment buildings where you will have interactions with neighbours and guests on a daily basis. 
Owning a Vila will (in general cases) mean that you have responsibility for all external maintenance of the property and the grounds. Paths, drives, gardens, walls and of course the house itself along with pool maintenance which is an art unto itself! If you plan to live here full time and can do the maintenance yourself then of course this is no issue at all and part of the pleasure of the ownership. In cases where you will rent out the property or will use it seasonally then its worth factoring in a monthly budget for pool and gardens. This can be seen as an equivalent fee to the condominium fee described in the apartments section.


Buying a Townhouse in the Algarve

By definition a townhouse sits somewhere between a Vila and an Apartment and can be seen as a house, often in a terrace or a condominium.  A townhouse can have multiple floors and usually is entered from the ground floor. Some townhouses are within secure condominiums and come under the same conditions as described in the apartments section with regards to condominium fees, rentability, communal areas and such. As with apartments and Vilas they all have possibility for good rental return if they are purchased in the right locations. They also have the “lock up and go” attraction of convenience as a holiday home.

Buying Off-Plan in Portugal

Property prices in Portugal are on the rise and the demand for property is higher than ever which has created a shortage of property on the market. Some people look at Off-plan as the way forward and it can have great rewards, there are also some risks of course and the cases should be studied and with great independent advice. Off Plan essentially refers to investing in property that has yet to be constructed. Let’s say a developer gets permission to construct a new condominium, its logical for them to start selling the apartments before they are even constructed, it can also be advantageous for the buyer to get the exact apartment they want and in many cases at a lower price than when its completed. This is a very general overview of course, please do talk to us if you are considering an Off-Plan purchase as we can highlight the positive and of course the potential risks in the purchase.


Another property option to buy would be to consider a plot to build or a reconstruction project which can give you an opportunity to design the dream house. This can prove to be a challenging process and its essential to work with a great team from the architect to the construction company. Once again, we are here to give you our advice based on experiences here in the Algarve.