Buying Property In The Algarve

Buying a home in the Algarve is an easy process when you have the support of Imobotilde. We are here to support you every step.



Buying Property in the Algarve / Portugal

If you are buying property in the Algarve, then Imobotilde are the ones to talk to and here is why: 
It can be very confusing navigating the real estate markets and having to make so many important decisions is never easy alone, having Imobotilde next to you to advise and guide you will be a valuable resource and keep you sane throughout the process! 

So where do you begin?

The first step will be of course to make the choice that Portugal is the place you wish to invest in property. Easy Step!
By now you have already decided that Portugal and the Algarve are great places to holiday, invest and of course to live and following in the footsteps of countless others that have chosen this gem in the corner of Europe to base themselves. 
The first step can be thought of as “The Research Stage”, at this point you may already have a good knowledge of the Algarve if you live or holiday here regularly, on the other hand you may be completely new to the region. In all cases we are experts at guiding and advising you. The main objectives of the Research Stage will be to:


  • Identify areas of interest to buy property in Portugal and the Algarve
  • Discuss what type of property would suit your requirements.
  • Learn about the buying process in Portugal
  • Talk about financing the purchase and discover the best options for you.
  • Establish your budget and set parameters

It’s important to set up a relationship with a reputable agency. Imobotilde act on your behalf in all matters and have a network giving access to over 1000 properties through one point of contact. This is crucial to avoid the stress, loss of time and confusion of working with several independent agencies. The single biggest frustration of potential buyers is in juggling different agencies, conflicting advice and guidance often given with the benefit of the agency as a priority over you, the client. 
Our mission is to be your one-stop point of contact to support your journey with our wealth of knowledge, advice, guidance, and established partners in the fields of: 


  • Mortgages and Financing.
  • Taxation
  • Architecture
  • Construction
  • Currency Exchange
  • NHR (Non Habitual Residency)
  • Golden Visa
  • Legal Advice

Looking For Property to Buy in The Algarve

Having made the partnership with us to find your dream home we can begin the adventure together. 

Every client has completely different needs and our job is to listen, consider, research, and provide you with options that tick your boxes. If you live in Portugal or visit often you may already have a very clear idea of what you are looking for. If you are new to Portugal then you may benefit from us showing you the different areas of the Algarve over a long weekend, sometimes this helps to get your bearings and feel the clear differences between the distinct towns and villages of this relatively small area. 
We will aim to show you a cross section of properties so that you can have comparisons and evaluate strengths and weaknesses of each. From each viewing we can take some feedback and refine the search, or as happens in some cases we hit the nail on the head immediately and you connect with a property on such a level that you feel no more need to search. One important factor is that we do need to show you the area around the property you are viewing, we believe that the surrounding community is as important as the property and the proximity to airport, shops, amenities, and the general security of the locale is part and parcel of the viewing process.

We keep a small number of properties on our website to give a cross section of stock for clients to browse however the reality is that we have access to hundreds more through our network that we can include in your viewings. There are also many clients that do not wish to have their property online for all to see yet we have access to include them in our viewing schedules. 

Buying The Property of your Dreams

Once we have found the property of your dreams in the Algarve the work begins to make it yours, so how does the negotiation and buying process flow? 

Firstly, to course the buyer and seller need to agree the price that makes everybody happy. We can advise you about market values and give you our opinions in the negotiation process so that you are better informed to make the choice. 
Once agreed the “research stage” gives way to the “buying stage” which is a process loosely consisting of three stages:
•    Reservation
•    Promisary Contract
•    The Deed

 Reservation Stage
Immediately the conditions of sale are agreed by the seller and the buyer we can enter into a reservation stage. As an indication of intent to proceed, the buyer deposits funds into the account of their lawyer. (don’t forget that we can recommend a highly skilled lawyer to complete the process). 
At this stage we feel it appropriate that we also request that the seller withdraw the property from the market. The reservation is not legally enforceable however it provides peace of mind to both parties while they construct the Promissory Contract. 
The buyer’s attorney will complete the requisite due diligence and then request the funds from the purchaser to move to the next stage.

Promissory Contract

The process of Promissory is legally binding and involves the payment of up to 30% being made from the buyers to the sellers, this payment usually goes through the respective lawyers. The Promissory Contract will specify the important details of the agreement such as the price agreed, the timescales for completion and specific terms and conditions agreed by both parties. What this does is give all parties some certainty and timelines to work from, it can enable the purchasers to plan furniture and decoration in confidence and the sellers to move onto their next project. Of course, there is not 100% guarantee at this stage that the sale will proceed but the financial penalties for all parties are severe in the cases that it falls through. Often at this stage the lawyers receive pawer of attorney to complete the sale. 

The Deed –“Escritura”

This is the formal process of Notarization and commonly takes place at a local Notary office. The purpose of this Notarization is to oversee that the paperwork is correct, and all is completed in a position to proceed with the transaction. At the meeting its quite usual that the buys, sellers, their respective lawyers are present. In cases where mortgages are involved the bank representatives will be present and in cases of language barriers there can be an appointed translator. It is possible to complete the deed without one or more parties being present in the case that a power of attorney has been signed.
The Purchaser will pay the balance of the transaction via the lawyer and the notary official will be responsible for updating the land registry accordingly. 

You will receive your keys at this stage. Congratulations! 

Once you have bought your home in the Algarve there are many other aftersales services you may desire such as decoration, furniture, rental advice, and the list goes on. 

We are placed perfectly to help you in all areas of aftersales and care. 

If you would like more information on Buying a Property in the Algarve then simply drop us an email and we can give you a call to go through your options. 


Non habitual residency

Non habitual residency
NHR or Non-Habitual Residency Status is proving a huge attraction for overseas persons to Portuguese shores.

Golden Visa Program - Algarve

Golden Visa Program - Algarve
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Mortgages To Buy In The Algarve

Mortgages To Buy In The Algarve
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