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IMOBOTILDE - More than just a real estate agency

With over 20 years in the real estate business, we are specialists in finding your dream home.

Buying real estate in Portugal, investing in the Algarve: a dream shared by many, but the question is always where do you start?
Define the geographical location in algarve, the type of property: villa, house, apartment or land ... Who to contact, because there are so many real estate agencies in Algarve!
We have the solution.
Established in the Algarve for 26 years, with a serious background in the real estate and banking sector, speaking French, English and Portuguese, over the years we have refined our way of working and we are proud to put our skills at your service.
We of course work in a legal manner and have a Portuguese real estate license, but have become "property hunters in Algarve".
Each client being UNIQUE, you let us know your search criteria and we do everything in our power to find the rare pearl you expect.
Easy and convenient: you don't have to spend all your vacations running from one real estate agency to another, visiting properties that often do not match your search criteria at all, and which sometimes leave you feeling bitter. having wasted his time.
What are the fees?
For you, NONE, because we work with our portfolio assets but especially with our network of "friendly" agencies, and share the commission paid by the owner.
There is only one obligation: to engage with us under an exclusive property search contract for a defined period.
As soon as the agreement is concluded, we get to work and quickly submit a list of properties that may be of interest to you.
Your selection will then be refined, and we will then send you a complete file of the selected properties, including a detailed report for each of them.
Following this, and on the basis of your criteria, we plan and organize your arrival in the Algarve, in order to allow you to visit the properties you have selected.
Frankly, few are those who do not find their happiness quickly ...!
Our service does not end there, however.
If you wish, we will put you in contact with a specialist lawyer, who will take care of all the legal formalities (verification of the property documents, drafting of the sales agreement, etc ...
Together, we will accompany you until the signing of the deed of sale and the delivery of the "keys to happiness".