Mortgages To Buy In The Algarve

Most people looking to make a property purchase will need to have very sound Mortgage Advice to enable them to begin the search for the dream home.



Mortgages for Buying Property in Portugal

Imobotilde is a real estate company and as such we help clients to buy and sell property in the Algarve and wider Portugal. 
A significant part of the buying and selling process relates to banks and as such mortgages.  We are not financial advisors and so we have chosen a network of professional partners across Portugal that can give the best advice for your case. Mortgage Brokers are experts at finding the right mortgage for you, whatever your circumstances they are perfectly placed to advise. The Mortgage Brokers we work with use major high street banks that are easily recognised and trusted.

Imobotilde are very happy to accompany you to the meetings with the Mortgage Brokers to make sure all information is communicated with clarity and that all your questions are answered. If you are outside of the country, we can arrange an initial assessment by email supplemented with some phone calls where needed. 

Mortgages in Portugal can take between 6-10 weeks to approve so it is never too soon to start the conversation and to gather necessary documents such as: 

  • Proof of Address
  • Proof of Employment (if relevant)
  • Last 6 months payslips (if relevant)
  • Passports and Identification cards (if applicable)
  • Latest Tax Return / Declaration
  • 6 Months of Bank Statements
  • A Credit Report
  • Proof of outstanding debts, credit cards, loans, mortgages etc
  • Accountants´ Declaration (for self-employed)

Mortgage conditions will of course vary from case to case and interest rates are forever changing so we don’t list further details here. When you are at the point to consider purchasing, we can conduct a short questionnaire with you to start the ball rolling leading to introduction to the mortgage broker for more specific and detailed information on your case. 

To start the ball rolling simply drop us a message here and we will contact you shortly to arrange a touch base call and start the process. 

Buying Property In The Algarve

Buying Property In The Algarve
Buying a home in the Algarve is an easy process when you have the support of Imobotilde. We are here to support you every step.

Currency Exchange When Buying

Currency Exchange When Buying
Buying a Property in the Algarve from a non € country adds another dimension to the transaction. Fortunately we have answers to your questions.

Golden Visa Program - Algarve

Golden Visa Program - Algarve
The Portuguese Golden Visa Program can support you in relocating to the Algarve or wider Portugal through and investment for residency concept.